More than just a logbook!

The Mission

CrossCheck Hub was created with the mission of making flight logging simplified and hyper-accurate. The goal of providing a platform to enhance your life outside the aircraft with a suite of apps. The ambition to be the most accurate logbook solution in the world. We pride ourselves on having the most transparent pricing for our Members and our desire to always keep learning and improving.

What does this mean? It means guiding the Student Pilot during their training, help keep Commercial Pilots current, streamlining the logging process automatically for Airline Transport Pilots. It means integrating with other software platforms to provide even more information at your fingertips. It means we are dedicated to bringing you a fresh, new way to make the old way of logging a thing of the past. More importantly, it means helping Pilots stay prepared for a job interview. In the industry's crazy ups and downs, it is essential to always be up to date as you never know when that phone call will arrive for the big interview.

CrossCheck Hub was designed by Pilots and built by Software Engineers who have been in their field of expertise for over 30 years. This means the app has the input from experienced Pilots with the execution of software professionals. As time goes on, we wholeheartedly believe CrossCheck Hub will be the world’s most advanced and accurate logbook.

Our Story

CrossCheck Hub was developed by Endeveran Corporation, a Salesforce Consulting company with a wide variety of developing applications for numerous industries and companies, including Cirrus Aircraft. The founder and CEO of Endeveran, Jim Casazza, set out to build the project after his son James Casazza Jr, a First Officer for a major U.S Regional, mentioned the lack of modern applications for not just Pilots and Flight Crewmembers, but in the industry as a whole. From flight schools to airlines, many operations are bogged down by outdated and inefficient technology systems. CrossCheck Hub is the start of our plan to introduce modern technology to the aviation industry. CrossCheck Hub is being powered by the feedback from Pilots of general aviation, major and regional airlines, and all types of flying in between.

CrossCheck Hub began development right before the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as a pay sheet converter for flight hours has turned into a full purpose logbook that can log flights automatically in the cloud. It has been a tough road, and the CrossCheck Hub team is ready for the challenge. We hope you enjoy our logbook solution if you decide to join CrossCheck Hub, and pledge to always improve the app while remaining transparent with our Members.

Transparency Guarantee

What is the transparency guarantee?

This is our promise to you that we will be clear about our pricing. We charge certain prices because we pay for data that is obtained from our various service providers. For features that have minimal to no cost, those costs are not passed onto our Members. We also are modeling our pricing to allow our customers to only pay for services they want to use. As our services grow, we do not want to price ourselves where our customers pay for services they do not want to use. Our customers will choose and build their app to suit their needs.

We also want to allocate a portion of the revenue to give back to the user community. The more users that join the hub, the bigger the allocation. As being relatively new, we do not have the actual percentages, but once you are a part of the hub, you will see the activity in this area. Between the monthly missions to win a $100 gift card, and our Referral Program, we offer more ways to earn cash or gift cards. We also have various contests in the works that will offer more than can be imagined. All of the activity is tracked and our customers can view live leaderboards and where they stand in all missions and contests.

Our Guarantee

  • CCH will always be on the leading edge of technology and will not become complacent to collect the subsription fees.

  • CCH will NEVER hold your data hostage. Your data is your data just like our services are our services.

  • CCH will follow CSV exporting best practices and will not provide you with an export that is corrupt or does not follow standards

  • CCH will set standards to provide the best support and traget response within 1 hours and no longer than 8 hours depending on the ticket loads. NOTE: When support staff is overloaded and cannot commit to these times, we will have an indicator to let you know there may be delays.