More than just a logbook!

Our Service Hubs

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Logbook Hub

Maintaining your logbook has never been easier. Put your logbook on Auto Pilot.

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Trip Hub

Manage your schedule, find places to eat, things to do on lost days, and much more

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Reward Hub

CrossCheck Hub pays for itself as you can earn cash awards just by using the app

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All Devices - No Limits

CrossCheck Hub is available on all devices, giving you the freedom to choose the platform you want to be on (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows).

In addition, we do not limit the number of devices you can use with CrossCheck Hub. We strongly believe that our services should be limitless and we try to stick to this rule. For example, we offer File Storage capabilities with no file size limits.

Calendar and Logbook Transparency

Your schedule and logbook entries are maintained separately to avoid logbook contamination. Putting "future flights" into your logbook results in more time cleaning up flights that never happened due to cancellations, sometimes even leading to an accidentally deleted flight.

With our event-driven model, logbook entries are made into the logbook and separately associated with the calendar. Therefore with a glance at the calendar, you can see what flights have not been logged and not get future flights mixed with logbook entries. This allows for features like Quick Add directly from a calendar entry to log the flight!

Quick Setup to Get Started

Setup Wizard guides you to getting your CrossCheck Hub Membership started quickly and efficiently

  • Custom-tailored experience based on what information you want to give CrossCheck Hub, such as the airline you work for and your home base.
  • Import your past electronic logbook with support from over 10 third-party provides (and counting!).
  • Import your flight schedule to arm Co-Pilot to see activities and places to eat or drink around your hotel or arrival airport.
  • Importing your schedule also arms Auto Pilot to automatically log your flights from the cloud.

Support When you Need It

Our Control Tower Support Team is ready to help.

  • Our mission is to respond to your inquiry within 1-8 hours.
  • Schedule phone calls or Zoom meetings for guidance.
  • In-App Case Tracking to see status on your tickets without leaving the app.