Plan Accordingly for your Overnights!

Powerful Schedule

CrossCheck Hub give's you at-a-glance data for your flight schedule with quick importing tools.

  • Import your flight schedule for over 15 U.S-based airlines.
  • See color-codes calendar entries for scheduled flights, deadheads, cancelled/removed flights with pay, and more.
  • Share your calendar with other Crew Members and meet up on the same overnights!

Utilize Your Down Time with Timeline

Timeline gives you the ability to make the best of your overnights, long or short.

  • View Duty and Currency live as flights update or cancel in real time.
  • See how much time you have between flights, rest, and even see how much leisure time you have for the overnight!
  • Live countdown timer shows how much time you have until FDP expiration or your next scheduled flight.

Co Pilot - Your Digital Assistant

Plan for overnights and weather conditions before you arrive to the overnight. While on an overnight connect to our service providers to find place to eat and things to do in the area instead of you having to search. All based on your preferences,

  • Find places to eat and drink around your hotel or airport.
  • See activities and things to do around your hotel.
  • View hotel data, including hyper-linked addresses or phone calls to dial the front desk directly from the app.
  • Works for your current location as well, so you can use it at home
  • Co-Pilot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will get smarter the more you use it. Tell Co-Pilot what you like or dislike, and those preferences are taken into account as it gets to know what you like!