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Say goodbye to manual entry

Put Your Logbook on Auto-Pilot

Say goodbye to manual entry for Part 121

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What is CrossCheck Hub?

CrossCheck Hub is a data-driven, Multi-Service platform built on the cloud-based Salesforce platform. For the aviation industry, it is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) based app that provides multiple functions built for the Crew Member. Each service or "Hub" provides a set of functions within the CrossCheck Hub platform.

The benefit of being a cloud-based “SaaS” app means you don’t have to worry about synching issues, painful software updates, or lengthy development times. Instead, you get instant access across any device, faster development times, and up-to-date data at all times.

What's New - CrossCheck Hub Now Offers Digital Conversion Services

With our efforts to help pilots with their careers. CrossCheck Hub now offers conversion of paper logbooks to digital.

Our services are unique by combing paper to digital conversion, multiple audit options to ensure your logbook data is accurate, and incorporating your digital format within CrossCheck Hub. We offer a one-stop-shop whether you are just updating your logbook or preparing for an interview


Additional costs and restrictions apply.


What people are saying about CrossCheck Hub

I have been using cross check hub for a couple months now. I love how easy it is to set up and get my logbook up to date. The autopilot function makes everything effortless. Land get out of the plane and check my phone and “ding” your flight has been logged. Done.

I am really excited to see what the future holds for this app.

Brian R. - First Officer

Envoy Air

Big shoutout to CROSSCHECKHUB for getting my logbook ready for the interview. They truly go above and beyond!

Sara L. - First Officer

American Airlines

I was one of the first in line when CrossCheck Hub was introduced, and the programmers were committed to listening to what I wanted in a logbook and my concerns for getting caught up. Throughout the past year, I made recommendations and requests, which the programmers promptly addressed at CrossCheck Hub. I would recommend this program to other pilots now because I trust that my information is independent of any internal airline program that could potentially cause data loss. I trust that my flight time will be logged accurately and my data is safe.

Catie F. - First Officer

Envoy Air
Time is Money

The Fastest Logging Application

  • Guided Entry logs a flight record within 25 seconds.
  • Quick Add logs a flight record under 3 seconds.
  • Auto Pilot logs the flight record for you when you reach the gate.

Join the Hub

Our hub of services simplify the everyday life of a pilot - saving you time & money

Logbook Hub

Maintaining your logbook has never been easier. Put your logbook on Auto Pilot.

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Trip Hub

Manage your schedule, find places to eat, things to do on lost days, and much more

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Reward Hub

CrossCheck Hub pays for itself as you can earn cash awards just by using the app

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Career Hub

Manage your career, explore the possibilities.


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Our Pricing

Our competitive prices for the value cannot be beat

Flexible Pricing

    Try CCH with a 14-day unlimited trial.

    First year, use all service Hubs unlimited at the base package price.

    Upon renewal, select the services you want to keep or drop!

    Renewal price will vary based on new Hubs that are added, giving you control of your app.

We build the services, you build your app.


ATP Intro


Unlimited access to all services for ATP-rated Pilots.

  • Unlimited calls to ACARS/ADS-B.
  • Unlimited file storage.
  • Included hubs: Logbook, Trip,and Reward.
  • World-class support.
    • Submit support tickets dircetly from the app.
    • Zoom support to help with importing a previous logbook, specific features, or general information.
Try for 14 days


Currently on a plan?
We will buy back your contract.

  • After trial, send us invoice or proof of payment from competing software.

  • On your renewal, we will prorate/buy back remaining portion and apply it to your renewal subscription.

  • Example:
    11 months remaining on a competing product
    Subscription or cost at: $100.00
    (11/12) X $100.00 => $91.67
    $91.67 off of your next year's subscription.
    $125.00 - $91.67 => $33.33 renewal price


We are currently working on packages for Students, Instructors, Private, Commercial, and Flight Attendants

Check back often, or contact us and we can notify you when its ready.

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